Zodiac Board Game

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Test your zodiac knowledge with our Host Your Own Zodiac Board Game. Work your way around the gameboard by answering questions about your fellow players and general knowledge about zodiac signs to complete your astrological profile. Role the dice of destiny and let fate decide your next move. Once you’ve completed your astrological profile, you move into the inner ring and hope the stars align as you race to the centre of the board to win!

Our zodiac Board Game embraces authentic astrological themes, such as tarot cards and the alignments of the planets. An unforgettable game night is in the cards for you and your friends!

Recommended for ages 13 + and 2 – 6 players

Box includes: An instruction booklet, 1 x gameboard, 1 x astrological profile pad, 1 x wooden dice, 200 x challenge cards, 120 x challenge tokens, 6 x planet tokens, and 36 x playing pieces.

Box measures 23.6 cm x 23.6 cm x 6 cm