Wild Flower Seeds


Did you know 97% of our wild flower meadows have been lost in the UK since WW2? These meadows provide essential habitats for pollinators. 

With your help, we can begin to restore the lost wildflower habitats with a pack of Wild Flower Seeds. A pack should contain enough to create a 2 x 2 meter coverage of native wild flowers. You’ll find both annuals and perennials, like poppies, cornflowers, ox eye daisies, and so much more. Harvested from organic meadows in west Dorset, 

 Why is this important? Because every plant, or crop that we eat, everything, is dependent on this process. No pollinators no us. Simple as that. So it’s pretty important we make sure they’re happy!

The two rules for successful germination are that wild flowers need sunlight in order to thrive, and that they prefer the lowest, most horrible quality soil you can think of. If your soil is nutrient rich then you may need to remove the top 3 - 6 inches of top soil to ensure that the conditions are right, then simply follow the instructions on the pack - rip open the pack, scatter the seeds, and watch them wild!