Seth On Walls


In the streets, Seth's children play with the city, taking those who discover them by surprise. Beneath their apparent gentleness, they invite us to follow them in their poetic universe. 

From the working class districts of Asian capitals to Donbas at war and the separation wall, Seth offers us a delicate reading of the world in which imagination becomes a cure for all ills. Drawing inspiration from local myths, legends and tales, the artist adapts to the social, political and cultural contexts of the place he travels. The child becomes his spokesperson, the messenger of his enquiry. His approach often has dual meaning yet is never cynical, his urban painting speaks of the world and its changes. 

This book is the fruit of his travels and encounters, accompanied by texts and anecdotes, tracing ten years of painting around the world. 

This book is hardback and measures 22.6 cm x 29.2 cm x 2.7 cm