Poo Bingo Game


Our Poo Bingo Game will guarantee endless fun for the whole family. Discover all you ever wanted to know about poo and much more. A take on the classic bingo game but with a twist, Poo Bingo is all about matching up animals to their poo types. Included are 24 animals and their uniquely shaped poos, and as you play you will discover amongst other things that wombat’s poo in cubes and penguin’s poo in squirts that come in different colours depending on what they’ve eaten! As you learn the difference between poo types, be the first to fill in your game card with animals and poos to win POO BINGO!

Poo Bingo is illustrated by award winning illustrator Claudia Boldt and contains an informative booklet written by Aidan Onn. The game contains everything you need to play poo bingo including a game board, 8 double sided cards, 48 chips, a chip box and 150 counters.

Recommended for ages 3 and above and we are sure you will have a giggle or two playing it.

Measures 22 cm x 22 cm x 5.2 cm