Mowgli Street Food Book


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This unique collection of recipes and stories from Nisha Katona's Mowgli Street Food restaurants brings you the best of their beloved menu, and much more.

As seen on 
BBC2's Top of the Shop with Tom KerridgeSunday Brunch, and BBC Radio 4's The Kitchen CabinetNisha unlocks the secrets of her most successful recipes.

Discover how to recreate the iconic Angry Bird, the signature flavours of the House Lamb Curry, and of course, the secrets of the taste explosion that are Chat Bombs.

Try tempting snacks like the Fenugreek Kissed Fries, spice up your dinner with a whole host of delicious dahls, and indulge in desserts, drinks and cocktails from a Cardamom Custard Tart to a Sweet Delhi Diazepam.

From showstopping slaws to the ultimate Aloo Ghobi, Mother Butter Chicken to Calcutta Tangled Greens, each dish truly captures the smash-and-grab zing of Indian food.

Measures 19.5 cm x 2.29 cm x 25.3 cm