English Fairy Tales and Legends Book

Folk tales and legends are an intrinsic part of English national culture. In the second edition of her book, Rosalind Kerven has revived the best English fairy tales for a new generation.

These 12 classic English fairy tales and their history include stories of giants, dragons, fairies and Arthurian Romance. Together, they form a perfect introduction to the different types of traditional stories and their place in English oral and written heritage. Each tale is linked with a specific place or county in England, such as: 'The Dragon Castle' from Northumberland, 'The Girl Snatched By Fairies' from County Durham, 'The Princess and the Fool' from Kent and 'The Dark Moon' from Lincolnshire. The book also includes notes on each story, detailing the history and where it came from, its development and short summaries of many related or similar stories.
Measures 14.4 cm x 2.4 cm x 19.9 cm

Weighs 490 g
Includes 200 pages
Published by Batsford Ltd
ISBN: 978184994531