Easter Egg Paper Garland


Brighten up your home this Easter with our Easter Egg Paper Garland. Handprinted by talented artisans in Jaipur, India, the beautiful paper garland is screen printed paper in the shapes of Easter eggs. Each egg has a decorative pattern in shades of light pink, yellow, turquoise and dark pink. 

The garland is made up of ten hand sewn eggs which have been printed on both sides, so no need to worry if the garland flips over, and there are hanging loops at each end. Due to the nature of hand printing, the garland may vary slightly from the picture, we think this adds to its uniqueness. 

A wonderful addition to your Easter gatherings, parties, classroom or workplace. 

All the paper (both in the packaging and the garlands) is recycled, created using pulped scraps from the cotton industry.

Measures 3 metres in length.