Aromatherapy Bath Salts In Vials


Take a well-deserved break and treat yourself to our Aromatherapy Bath Salts, designed to elevate your bath time routine and create an enriching spa-like experience. Each specially curated bath salt blend is stored in a vial and presented in a sliding box. A wonderfully thoughtful gift to encourage self-care.

This pack includes seven scents: 

  • Sensual: Indulge your senses and let your worries melt away with this luxurious blend of ylang ylang and coconut oil.
  • Relax: Unwind after a long day with the calming scent of lavender and jojoba.
  • Harmony: Achieve a sense of balance and harmony with this uplifting blend of sweet patchouli and spicy black pepper.
  • Energise: Boost your energy levels and invigorate your senses with this refreshing blend of citrus orange and lemon, ginger and avocado oil.
  • Detox: Cleanse and purify your body with this blend of tea tree, lime and evening primrose. 
  • Clarity: Clear your mind and focus your thoughts with this invigorating blend of rosemary, clary sage and olive oil.
  • Skin Revive: Nourish and rejuvenate your skin with this blend of geranium, grapefruit and vitamin E. 

Measures 14.5 cm x 17 cm x 2.5 cm