Who doesn’t love a good story especially a bright Pink Neon Story


Hyde and Seek would love to celebrate with you the story of a family who drove from NY in their converted 4 x 4 vehicle via Latin America to set up a new camp based at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

As their adventures unfolded they began to realise it was time for a change and giving it some thought via night time campfire sessions they decided to found a new candle making company. We realise you may be feeling slightly envious already (you are not alone) but the thing is they didn’t just set up any old candle company, they set up Pink Stories.

What we love about Pink Stories?

Hands up, we love to celebrate colour here at Hyde and Seek, and we think their dip dyed candles are right up our street. Their use of colours and patterns match our joyful maximalist style and who doesn’t love a candle that pumps up the colour volume!?

Huge bonus...we also admire their eco ethos. They use eco-certified materials and environmentally friendly water-based or soy bean oil colours for their candles. Plus, the Pink Stories family work in collaboration with social partners and sheltered workshops.  

We hope you love them as much as we do!

The dinner candles are packed in three’s using recyclable plastic-free packaging. Each candle has a tapered bottom to fit perfectly in a candle holder and measures 21 cm. See our collection here.

How did we find Pink Stories?

It all began during UK lockdown, with Christmas and the start of a new year and we needed something to perk up our spirits and online gift shop. So our search began online and we came across Pink Stories and their neon bright candles! We thought YES this is what we need at Hyde and Seek and in every colour please. From then on, their candles have inspired and brightened up our lives.


The lovingly dipped neon candle colours remain the same yet the pattern will differ, making each candle special and unique.


We think these statement dinner candles will make the perfect gift for a candle obsessed friend or family. Guaranteed to make you and others smile!

Click here to check our collection of Pink Stories Dip Dyed Candles.

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