Moomin Day In The Garden Enamel Mug


Our Moomin Day In The Garden Enamel Mug features a classic Moomin motif. Made from high quality and durable enamel, the mug has the playful design of the Moomin characters enjoying their time in the garden. The characters are illustrated in black and white with complimentary pops of light green and pink set against a white background with a matching light green mug rim.

Designed in Finland and part of the Moomin In The Garden Collection, the glorious enamel mug is creative, colourful and adventurous, blending Tove Jansson's iconic Moomin characters with everyday functionality.

The enamel mug has a carbon steel core and a double coating of high quality enamel, making it great for indoors or outdoors and for holding hot and cold drinks.

Dishwasher safe and holds a capacity of 370 ml.

Measures 8cm x 9.4cm