New Home Poem Print

New Home Poem Print


A lovely new home poem for those just settled in their new abode. The poem is all about homes and why they are more than just bricks and mortar. Written by poet Joanna Miller, the rhyming poem is 16 lines long and reads:

The poem reads:


Home is where you hang your coat

A haven and a base

It’s where you grow and love and sleep;

A reassuring space.

It’s where you put your feet up

And do things in your style

It’s where you truly are yourself

And return to with a smile.

The look and contents speak of you;

(Your story and your taste)

It’s familiar and it's welcoming

A life-affirming place.

It’s more than bricks and mortar,

Than documents or loans,

It’s the memories and occupants

That make a house your home.


The print is available in cherry red and is A4 in size. The print will arrive to unframed.

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