Grow Sorry You're Leaving Frog Card

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Grow your very own little garden with the Grow Sorry You're Leaving Frog Card. The card would make a great leaving gift and features a humorous frog wordplay ‘WE WILL NEVER F(R)OGET YOU (SORRY YOU ARE LEA(P)ING). Entertain your creativity with this simple and enjoyable card set which grows edible sprouts. Construct your card by following the 6 easy steps displayed on the back of the card with useful images to help if you get stuck:

1. Water it
2. Sow the seeds (Broccoli)
3. Keep wet
4. In 7 to 10 days your sprouts will be ready to be eaten
5. Enjoy!

Let someone know they’ll be missed with this wonderfully fun and creative card.

The card comes with instructions in English, Italian, Danish and German.

Measures 21cm x 15.5cm