Film Clapper Board Light Box

Film Clapper Board Light Box

£34.95 £29.95

A Film Clapper Board Light Box is a perfect way to illuminate your own personalised message, phases or film details. If you close the Clapper Board arm the light will be turned on and if you lift it up the light will turn off. Each box comes with it's own dry wipe pen so the message can be changed over and over. Once  turned on the message of your choice will be brightly illuminated for all to see. Great for any home or for a party or wedding where you have an important message you wish to be seen in a fun and different way.

This box is A4 in size, can be wall mounted or stand alone. The light box can be plugged in using a mains input adapter (not included) or it will take 6 x AA batteries, 

Measures 30cm x 22.5cm x 5.5cm

Adapter details: 9V DC 500mA adaptor.


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