Chilli Spice Tin


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Turn up the heat in your kitchen with our latest Chilli Spice Tin. A must-have for any foodie who is interested in creating authentic international food with extra heat. The award-winning spice collection offers a gorgeous mix of high-quality artisan spice blends carefully selected for flavour and freshness. Encased in a stainless steel tin with seven compartments and a metal spoon for accurate measures.

Perfect for perfecting your Chilli Con Carne or adding some fire to your meat, vegetables and fish dishes in an instant. If you’re stuck for inspiration, the set includes a free recipe guide.

A great way to cook with unusual flavours or anyone who just like it hot!

Winner of The Great Taste Award and Gift of the Year Winners 2021, the series of Spice Tins are created by Spice Kitchen, a family-owned ethically sourced company run by mother and son team Sanjay and Shashi Aggarwal.

Whether you're looking for a gift for a food enthusiast, or an experienced and aspiring chef who wish to try something new. This International Chilli Spice Tin will take their taste buds to a HOT next level.

Contains seven core spices which include;

Chilli Powder

Chillies Whole

Paprika – Ground

Aleppo Pepper – Ground

Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Urfa Biber – Ground

Harissa Powder

All the spices are housed in one tin to create to an endless array of different modern day and traditional recipes.