Bingosaurus - The Ultimate Dinosaur Bingo Game


Bingosaurus is the next level of Bingo playing!

This game features 48 dinosaurs, all of which are brought to life with stunning illustrations. The box contains a beautiful master board for the chips to be placed on by the caller. You have in the box 48 chips, each showing a different dinosaur, 8 game cards allowing up to 8 friends to play together, over 120 counters to be placed on the game cards, two bags - one for the counters and one for the chips and a 16-page book with the rules of the game and profiles of all the different dinosaurs, from Amargasaurus to Velociraptor. Each profile includes a pronunciation guide, brief introduction as well as 4 facts about the dinosaur, which cover everything from their diet and what period they lived in to their key features and what their name actually means.

Great fun for the kids and educational at the same time. 

Measures 21.1cm x 21.1cm x 6.6cm


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