Bee Revival Kit in Anthracite Grey


The Bee Revival Kit by Beevive will save lives! This little capsule contains a premixed sugar solution which will resuscitate a dying Bee. How marvellous is that? The vial contains approximately 5 Bee servings and once used up you can simply make some more following the instructions which come with the kit. The watertight aluminium capsule contains a shock resistant borosilicate glass vial and is sealed with a natural cork top. All hanging from a custom stamped key chain. Attach the lightweight key chain to your keyring or bag and you will always be ready to save a Bee!

Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee, the bee revival kit is an essential solution to help it continue its mission for pollinating our planet earth.

Equip a bee lover, a friend, child or simply treat yourself with this thoughtful gift. Created in Devon and all funding was raised by public charitable donations. Designed in Exeter, UK. Contains zero plastic and is 100% recyclable.

Packaging measures 11 cm x 1.5 cm

Capsule measures 5 cm