Beach Explorer Book

Explore the beach and its secrets as never before!

What makes the tides tick? Do sharks lay eggs? Why are sea levels rising? Investigate the wonderful world of sand, watch how crabs move and marvel at spectacular seashells as you become a beach explorer. This book is bursting with hands-on activities, fascinating experiments and amazing facts to discover at home or on the shore. You can:
  • Become a tide fort champion
  • Create a miniature rock pool
  • Find out what makes star­fish so special
  • Spy on a hermit crab battle
  • Design your own­ fish
  • Identify where beach litter comes from
  • Experiment with seashells.

Heather Buttivant, award-winning wildlife blogger and author of Rock Pool: Extraordinary Encounters Between the Tides, invites you on an adventure to meet the mysterious creatures that live on the beach and discover what you can do to protect them.

This book is hardback and measures 13.9 cm x 20.4 cm x 1.3 cm