Artisan Wild Bird Nester - Anita


Birds will be delighted with our eco-friendly fair trade Artisan Wild Bird Nester. Handmade from sustainable natural seagrass with colourful recycled saris in unique colours woven into the base, every bird nester is different. The Anita nester is large in size and spherical in shape with a sturdy inner metal frame for support, perfect for small garden birds who roost together.

Attach the bird nester in a sheltered space with the metal hooks at the rear or the long loop at the top, whether that may be in natural leaf cover and vegetation, these nesters will provide a warm, protected space during the harsh cold months, plus in spring time.

Purchasing one of our fair trade bird nesters helps both wildlife and people. In addition to giving a bird a nest, you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them. Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty.

Measures 15.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 18.5 cm