Art Boozel Book


Raise a glass to the world's most exciting modern and contemporary artists! Created by Jennifer Croll and beautifully illustrated by Kelly Shami, our Art Boozel Book will take you on a boozy tour of art history with over 50 uniquely created cocktails inspired by its namesake artist. Unwind with a refreshing tequila-watermelon Frida Kahlo. Spark some inspiration while sipping on a Salvador Dalí. Or mix it up with a colourfully sweet Yayoi Kusama. From painters to sculptors, photographers, and more, each artist profiled has a cocktail recipe that draws deeply from their life and work. 

Inventive and deliciously fun, Art Boozel will give you a new appreciation for each of these inspiring artists. 

The book is a hardback and measures 16 cm x 21 cm x 1.6 cm