Animal Surprise Mug


Delight the kids with the colourful and fun Animal Surprise Mug. These sturdy ceramic mugs come in four delightful designs, with different coloured and patterned glazes on the outside and the handles. When you have finished your drink the fun really begins and the surprise happens! Inside each mug is a cute little colourful ceramic animal smiling up at you. Choose from:

  • The cow mug, with a little cow inside, and black and brown pattern on the white exterior.
  • The pig mug, with a pink pig inside and light pink glaze on the exterior with red hearts.
  • The sheep mug, with a white sheep inside and blue glaze on the exterior with white clouds.
  • The cat mug, with a little yellow and brown cat inside and a brown glaze on the exterior decorated with black paw prints.

These mugs are a perfect gift for little hands, for any occasion.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Measures 11 cm including the handle and 8 cm in height.