A Cookbook for Millennials


Look, your parents can’t cook for you forever and you can’t have every meal delivered. If you're getting a little tired of spending a fortune with food deliveries and feel like you've eaten from every place an unacceptable amount of times, then A Cookbook for Millenials by Caleb Couturie is perfect for you. Featuring a range of delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch, appetizers and sides, dinner and dessert with a handful of jokes, and fantastic artwork illustrated by Benj Zeller, to make you love this book even more. What more could you really want?

You might not even be a millennial! That’s okay. You’ll get more than 30 delicious recipes that anyone can easily conquer. 

Caleb Couturie developed a love for cooking at a young age and his culinary taste can be described as "bold, creative, and probably excessive." Benj Zeller is a big fan of bad ideas when it comes to food, and his dream is to someday eat spicy wings on Hot Ones, just for the thrills. 

This book is a hardback and measures 22 cm x 22 cm x 1 cm.